Leads Group 7 Deep Thoughts by Nikki Christiansen: What Makes a Good Leads Group

What makes a good leads group?

What makes a good leads group?

I was recently looking at some blogs about marketing, and came upon a blog that talked about what makes a good Leads Group or Networking Group.  As I read through it, I kept thinking to myself…“Yeah, we do that.  Hey, we do that too.”

Here are the things that Leads Group 7 is already doing that, according to John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, is the best of what works for a leads group.

Hand pick your team.

We are selective at times with who we are looking for to join LG7.  We are always on the lookout for companies and industries that complement our existing members.  Power Partners is a common term used for 2 or more members that can refer business to each other because they have a complementary business that each of their clients can use the others services.  For example, Tim Bernitt of American Family Insurance is constantly referring Nate Christensen of CORE Contractors to his clients after a hail storm.

Set goals and expectations

Boy, do we set goals and expectations, or what?  With our rock solid policies around attendance, participation, and lead passing, I think that we have got this one nailed. Each year, Norris Davis, and past Leadership, has done an end of year review.  This helps set the tone for the upcoming year on group growth and revenue generated by the group.


Integrate Technology

I think we have nailed this one too.  Not only do we have a top-notch website complete with a Members List and Calendar of Events, but we also utilize a virtual Leads Reporting Solution so that members can easily report and track leads passed.

Also, thanks to the Denver Chamber for being so technology savvy as well, we have premium technology tools for our use during meetings.


Create opportunities

The first suggestion in this section by John was to create a blog to allow for content sharing.  DONE!  It also mentioned creating like a coupon book or special offers that members can share with their customer base for the other group members.  I know that some people have done something like this, but perhaps not as wide spread as for the whole group.  Eric Horan offers a $300 off coupon for window coverings with 3Day Blinds for all of us to give to our customers.


Meet up

Well, that one seems obvious to me.  We meet up three times per month at our regular meetings, but then we also plan fun events outside the group meetings, like Happy Hours, lunches, and even baseball games.  Volunteering also helps bring us together and give back to the community.  He also suggests inviting guests to your meetings, and even having networking events to not just pass leads, but connect people with people.




I know there is always room for improvement, and I am always seeking ways to make Leads Group 7 an environment where like-minded professionals purposefully grow their business, expand their network and build lasting relationships.