Leads Group 7

Metro Denver Networking Group


Our Mission Statement


To provide an environment where like-minded professionals purposefully grow their business, expand their network and build lasting relationships.

Our Current Members

Nonprofits, B2B, and B2C companies are represented in our group. Each member is held accountable for regular attendance and active engagement in the group. We have a lot of fun, but we are serious about passing leads. If you want to grow your business while helping others to do the same, schedule a visit to our group.

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Finding the right mix of members is important to us. Our members don't compete with each other for business, so when you become a member, your business is the only one of its kind in our group. Contact us to see if we have a seat available for your type of business.

We'd Love to Meet You


We meet the first three Wednesdays of each month from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm . Sometimes the location changes, but the times are always the same. Contact us to schedule a visit to our group.

Gold Sponsors


Norris Davis

South Platte Investments & Planning

Helping Each Other Grow

With an average of 20-30 members, Leads Group 7 is one of the most robust groups in the Denver Metro area. Members receive an average of two leads per month, and collectively, we have closed around $15 million in business in our 2020 fiscal year from those leads!

Most importantly, members of Leads Group 7 are committed to helping each other's businesses grow. We make it a priority to understand each other's businesses and business goals so that we can help each other succeed.


Member Spotlight


Kristian Golick
KG Media

Why do we appreciate Kristian so much?

  • Kristian brings the most genuine positive attitude every time he shows up to LG7 meetings (or anywhere he shows up, for that matter).
  • He is extremely intentional when he sits down for 1:1s, and he is very thoughtful about learning how to best keep you and your business top of mind.
  • He always keeps his 30 second intro. fresh and engaging – the master of the hook!
  • He crushed his 30-minute presentation at the Chamber’s Leads Connection event last month.
  • He has made a profound impact on LG7 in the short amount of time he has been a member.


Citizen of the Month




Ryan Urbach
American Pacific Mortgage


Ryan passed the most leads in the month of July! 

Way to be a Citizen of LG7!


Interested in Leads Group 7?


If you are looking to join a productive and fun group of professionals, please contact us to see if we could help …