Leads Group 7 Denver Networking Group Blog Kick Off

We all know that Leads Group 7 is the most awesome Denver networking group in the Chamber, and perhaps in all of Denver.  Call me prejudiced, but as a dedicated member of the group since 2010, I have seen the amazing relationships and business conducted out of this group.  Everyone of the Leads Group 7 Networking Group are not just considered  “members”, but behave like “citizens.”  We consider ourselves a community where we are not just “residents” of that community, but rather “citizens” that all contribute and treat each other with the respect that those in a community together would give one another.

With all that being said, as Vice President of LG7, I am proud to kick-off our new blog on our website.  We are an informed group, and want to make sure that we provide a platform for not only the leadership and the Social Media Optimizer, currently Helene Kwong, owner of Ms. Kwong’s Baked Goods, to utilize the best tools we have available to get information out there.

The Leads Group 7 blog is a place where we can post information about upcoming events, announcements to the group, commentary, and reviews of the events held by the group.  We are excited to see what may come of the blog, but I can only imagine that it will be an entertaining and interesting adventure for us all.


Nikki Christiansen

Vice President of Leads Group 7

Owner of Internet Media Consultants