Leads Group 7 Deep Thoughts by Helene Kwong: A Chosen Family

Every month, we will feature a “Deep Thoughts” guest blog post from a current LG7 Member. Thanks to Helene Kwong of Hashtag Hustler for this month’s post!

Here I am with Nikki and Julianna at our Thanksgiving volunteering event last year.

Here I am with Nikki and Julianna at our Thanksgiving volunteering event last year.

I first came to know LG7 through Jon Goldberg (the president of LG7 at the time), who attended my presentation about foreign nationals’ importance in the startup world at the inaugural Denver Startup Week in 2012. Jon invited me to Leads Group 7 that December and I was immediately drawn in to the group: I remembered that Nikki Christiansen presented that day and everyone in the group seemed friendly.

In early 2013, I joined Leads Group 7 and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Even early on, I already felt like I belonged and that the other members were so supportive and fun to be around. I immediately jumped into having 1-on-1s with everyone, getting to know each member through our lunches and coffee breaks. I made sure to attend every meeting and social we had because I loved being around everyone.

In mid-2013, I went through a transition in my entrepreneurial journey: I shut down my first business and was distraught with what to do about my membership in the leads group. I KNEW I wanted to stay in the leads group, but how? So, researching my industry options, I transitioned into selling baked goods. LG7 was so supportive in my transition and that really made a difference for me.

This year is my third year in the group, and again, at the beginning of 2015, I transitioned into my third business in the group. Again, nothing but support from all the members. Over these past two years, I just feel like I cannot ‘shake the feeling’ of how LG7 is my chosen family here in Denver. I’ve become good friends with Norris Davis and Carrie Bohlmann and many others just through the leads group meetings, socials, and 1-on-1s. Every week we have a meeting, I make sure I arrive extra early to the Chamber building to get our meeting space ready and anticipate seeing everyone at the meeting.

Being in Leads Group 7 has really shaped my career and my entrepreneurial journey. I am forever indebted to Jon Goldberg for his mentorship and guidance in bringing me to LG7. Here’s to many more years of membership in LG7!