Leads Group 7 Meeting Recap: Payroll Vault – March 9, 2016

We began this week's meeting with the icebreaker: What has been the best thing invented in your lifetime? LG7 members had a diverse array of answers, but many agreed that cellphones and smartphones have changed our lives significantly. Other answers reflected an overall appreciation for technology, from mobile check deposits to video streaming.

This week's presenter was Derek Manning of Payroll Vault. Derek graciously handed out some fun branded computer screen cleaners to the group as he told us about his background: born in South Dakota, Derek grew up in Littleton. He briefly pursued a career path in aerospace, but then decided to join the printing industry for a small stint. Afterwards, he joined his father at his accounting firm and later bought the firm from his father with his older brother Sean. Derek's career path continued in the financial world for awhile until he was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. Fortunately, Derek has recovered fully from the cancer and is now part of Payroll Vault, which was founded by his older brother Sean.

Payroll Vault began franchising three and a half years ago: there are now twenty-six offices nationwide in fourteen states. Derek owns both franchises in eastern and western Denver. Payroll Vault provides immense value to small businesses by freeing business owners from the complexities of payroll so business owners can more easily focus on serving their own customers. Payroll Vault also provides other services, including pay-as-you-go workers compensation and background checks/drug screening.

Jon Goldberg of LIV Sotheby's International Realty gave a wonderful review about Derek and Payroll Vault, saying that the company "keeps things easy for employers." Mary Gallagher of Mary Gallagher CPA, LLC, enjoys Payroll Vault because of their high quality customer service.

For the remainder of this week's meeting, we reviewed our goals that we proclaimed in front of the leads group at the start of 2016. Many leads group members are seeking more leads and quality clients, while some are seeking more help in taking time off. Tim Bernitt of American Family Insurance and Macen Mathews of Conscious Transformation are seeing their goals move forward with more business growth for both of their businesses. Congratulations on the continued progress, Tim and Macen! And best of luck to everyone else for continuing with their goals for the remainder of the year.