Leads Group 7 Meeting Recap: Conscious Transformation & Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy – April 13, 2016

We began this week’s meeting with the icebreaker: Where is your next vacation going to be? Members had lots of diverse answers for destinations around the country and the world: the most popular destinations were the West Coast, the Caribbean, and Europe.

This week’s first presenter was Macen Mathews of Conscious Transformation. This time of the year is triggering for fear-based emotions, especially with the tax season. Staying in a fear-based state causes for our brains to shut down the area of the brain where we make intelligent decisions. Macen walked us through a visualization and meditation exercise regarding our fear-based emotions (fear, anger, worry, anxiety, et. al.). During this time, we all learned how to refocus our minds and emotions towards more love-based emotions (compassion, love, joy, et. al.).

Helene Kwong of Hashtagitude and Norris Davis of PHP Capital spoke highly about Macen and Conscious Transformation since they both attended Conscious Transformation‘s Emotional Mastery Program over the weekend. Norris pointed out how the program helps him stay centered with his clients since financial decisions can oftentimes be highly emotional. Helene spoke of how the weekend provided many epiphanies for her and her relationship with others. “I feel more clarity of how to better handle myself and my relationship with others through my emotions,” she said.

Our second presenter this week was Carrie Bohlmann of Body Heal Thyself Massage Therapy. Carrie began her presentation talking about her personal life, showing us pictures of her twin sister, her niece and nephews, and her dogs. Carrie also enjoys traveling and hopes to travel to Germany next year.

Carrie received her massage therapy certification from Playa Samara Costa Rica. She believes that most of our bodies’ ailments can be solved with things other than pills. “Our physical bodies get sick or have pain because of our physical AND emotional traumas stored in our tissues and organs, sometimes for many years.” Massage therapy should be used as preventative care and as part of a normal health routine. Western medicine has a place, but only as a last resort after alternative medicine has been exhausted.

Carrie then spoke about her own health story, talking about how she doesn’t visit a Western doctor too frequently and gets bi-weekly/monthly massages. She visits energy workers, acupuncturists, chiropractors and others in the field on an as-needed basis. She works on personal growth and spiritual work regularly.

Finally, Carrie spoke about her new offering, aromatherapy, which can be added to any of her massages for only five dollars extra. Carrie personally started using essential oils (the life blood of the plant) around six months ago and has seen great results. Carrie handed out samples of various essential oils to members, talking about the different essential oils and how they can calm us down with whatever concerns we may have. Agitated? Try lavender or frankincense. Depressed? Try peppermint, lemon, cedarwood, frankincense or lavendar. Ask Carrie for more recommendations.

Many members have visited Carrie and said that her massages have significantly helped ease pain and increase relief for them.

Thanks for the presentations this week, Macen and Carrie!