Leads Group 7 Meeting Recap: ISU Insurance Services of Colorado & Elle.B Salon – May 11, 2016

We began this week’s meeting with the icebreaker: What is your favorite movie? Leads Group 7 members listed many different movies from various genres, such as Caddyshack, Seven Samurai, Pulp Fiction, and the Princess Bride.

We also announced this year’s President’s Cup winner: congratulations to Marilyn Heywood Paige of FiG Advertising for conducting the most 1-on-1 meetings from January to March!

Congratulations to Marilyn Heywood Paige for winning this year's President's Cup!

Congratulations to Marilyn Heywood Paige for winning this year’s President’s Cup!

This week’s first presenter was Tom Basil of ISU Insurance Services of Colorado. Tom began his presentation by talking about his personal background: Tom has been married for 21 years and has two sons. He and his family moved to Colorado in 1995.

ISU Insurance Services of Colorado specializes in helping employers understand employer-sponsored benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and dental plus vision. Special tax treatment is needed for employee benefits: a paid premium is required prior to taxation and then a deductible expense will be reported for the employer. Many employers are frustrated over the changing healthcare law, with the design of plans and networks changing frequently. Tom and ISU Insurance Services of Colorado acts as advocates on behalf of both employers and employees in the healthcare field, from interacting with insurance companies on employers’ behalf and helping employees with claims issues. Tom’s services come at no additional cost to employers.

Our second presenter this week was Jamie Dowling of Elle.B Salon. Jamie grew up in Wheat Ridge, spent a brief amount of time in Montana, and now lives in Wheat Ridge with her significant other. She previously worked in restaurants before she began to study hair and makeup at the Aveda Institute. One day, Jamie aspires to own her own salon; currently, Jamie is one of the hairstylists at Elle.B Salon, which celebrates its one year in business this coming weekend. The eight-chair salon is cozy and inviting and appeals to men, women, and children alike. Aside from haircuts and makeup, Jamie is the only stylist certified in eyebrow threading at Elle.B Salon.

Thanks for the presentations this week, Tom and Jamie!