Leads Group 7 Meeting Recap: The Becker Law Firm – July 6, 2016

We started off the meeting congratulating our Citizen of the MonthPatrick Dawson of Liquid Capital of Colrado, for passing the most leads in June. Members of Leads Group 7 can become Citizen of the Month by passing the most leads in the previous month. Congratulations, Patrick!

Our 30-second add-on question was: What did you do for Independence Day? Many members spent time with their families enjoying barbecue, fishing, and of course, fireworks. A few members traveled out of state to places such as Napa Valley and Taos. Way to celebrate our country’s independence, members!

Before our member presentation, Jon Goldberg of LIV Sotheby’s International Realty shared a Marketing Minute with the group: “Showing up” is eighty-percent of what makes us successful, but merely showing up to a networking event, leads group meeting, etc. is not enough. We must be prepared to do the work and stay present. Thanks for the inspiration, Jon!

Our presenter this week was Tess Sandoval of The Becker Law Firm. Tess is a Colorado native and a fraternal twin. She is a self-professed soccer mom and enjoys a lot of outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, and camping. Together, Tess and her employer, Linda Becker, run The Becker Law Firm in Cherry Creek. Their services include relocation, grandparents’ rights, pre-nuptial agreements, annulments, child support, and more. The Becker Law Firm maintains optimal communication with its clients with a twenty-four hour turnaround time.

Tess then talked about the benefits of mediation, stressing that the informal process of meditation helps parties work together and come to a beneficial decision for both parties. Mediation takes less time than litigation and is less costly. Tess also touched upon a few court terms in Colorado law and discussed how estate planning (another service offered by The Becker Law Firm) helps individuals minimize or eliminate death taxes among other things.

Katherine Frost of A Frosted Affair gave a testimonial about The Becker Law Firm, stating that Tess and Linda are very helpful and detail-oriented with their work.

Thanks for the great presentation this week, Tess!