Denver Leads Group 7 October 5th Meeting Minutes

If you missed the Denver Leads Group 7 meeting, here are the minutes from the meeting.


Susan Baker (invited by Terri Starck)

Patrick Landry (invited by Jon Goldberg)


Al KawakamiAccent Solutions & Media

Offers promotional products and can also print cards i.e., Christmas cards

Good Referrals include anyone looking to promote parties, special events or local business.

Promotional products included:

  • Battery Charger with cables to charge your car. It can also charge your tablet and cellphone faster than regular charger.
  • Tool kits for construction companies
  • Humidifier
  • Custom print socks (popular with IT people)
  • Reality Device
  • Coors Light Golf bag sale

Sean OrionMuscovy Technology

Project-based IT company i.e., augmentations of hardware and software and implementation.

Good referrals include anyone using multiple databases or in transition. If someone needs interim IT support Muscovy can provide that support during the business transition. Anyone requiring more efficient use of time.

Muscovy does not do websites, but portals. Data collection as well as mobile apps focusing on internal business as well as exception handling and automation.

Examples of Engagement include OASIS. Muscovy developed a POS that ties into the database essentially tying hardware and software together.

How is the work completed?

Engagement Process:

Discussion – Hourly engagement

Discovery – Letter of Intent

Design – Statement of Work

Development – Acceptance Sign Off

Delivery – Handoff

Who and Why?

Founded in 2008. Currently, has 4-5 employees and typically have 3-5 concurrent projects in progress. There were personal problems that required Sean to have the flexibility to work from home and it grew from there.


Terri Starck: Sent out a calendar for everyone to track their monthly goals and recommends reading a book called “Profit First.”

Katherine Frost: Thirsty Lion. There was a reservation made for 20 people. Only 10 showed up. If you sign up for these functions and can’t make it please be mindful of your peers and their time. Notify the leadership team if you are unable to attend one of these events that you sign up for.

Networking Minute: First Impressions are everything. Represent your business. We are not attending a tailgate or frat party. Talk to our new guests.

Patrick Dawson: Check LG7 and Chamber website on occasion and make sure your information is current and correct. Please make sure it’s current for our upcoming open house and if you don’t have a picture uploaded send it to the leadership team.

Regarding email notification on leads group dues, if you don’t know if you have paid your leads group fees please check with me or anyone else on the leadership team. E-mail follow-up is simply a work in progress and a background issue.

October 19th, our leads group will be replaced with presentations from and Matt Bocklet of the Denver Outlaws. We will meet as usual but our meeting time will start at 11:00 that day and there will be a silent auction so bring your wallets.

Jon Goldberg: If you’re not sure about your payment for your leads group fees always check with your account representative. That is your first point of contact.

Nikki Christiansen: Homepage has been updated. I am currently working with Marilyn on edits. If you don’t have a picture uploaded please send it to Marilyn.

Jamie Dowling: Starting November 1 she will be opening Hair by Jamie Dowling Salon Denver and may not be able to attend leads group as often during this transition.

Norris Davis: Hasn’t received any RSVPs for the open house. Please send RSVPs to [email protected]. E-mail the leadership team if you are unable to attend. Everyone from Leads Group 7 is expected to show.