Denver Leads Group 7 October 12 2016 minutes


Jeff Brown (invited by Mary Gallagher)


Steph Biermann – Sweet Green Photography

Custom photography including canvases, book, headshots.

Good Referrals include families, Children 3 and under as well as babies, maternity, pets, couples. Anything but weddings.

Jordan Perl – Complete Business Systems

Custom printing solutions that includes a semi annual review to check in on customer satisfaction with machinery and customer service.

Good referrals include anyone spending $100+ per month on printing solutions, any organization that is currently leasing a system, any producing printing organization like PostNet.


LG7 Open House October 26, 2016 5:30-7:30 Tony’s Market 950 Broadway Denver, CO 80205

Patrick Dawson: Check LG7 and Chamber website on occasion and make sure your information is current and correct. Please make sure it’s current for our upcoming open house and if you don’t have a picture uploaded send it to the leadership team.

October 19th, our leads group will be replaced with presentations from and Matt Bocklet of the Denver Outlaws. We will meet as usual but our meeting time will start at 11:00 that day and there will be a silent auction that sponsors a cancer charity so bring your wallets.