Denver Leads Group 7 October 19 2016 Minutes


Susan Baker (invited by Terri Starck)


Intro – Bill Harris Partner at PHP Capital and President of Leads Group D. Speakers being presented both play lacrosse and promote Headstrong Foundation. Headstrong Foundation is a charity that helps to ease the financial burden of people and families battling cancer. There is a silent auction. 100% of proceeds will go to the Headstrong Foundation.

Headstrong Foundation offers:

Financial Assistance


Research Funding

Headstrong Foundation Youtube video

Headstrong Hero’s PSA Youtube video

Youtube Video – Ken Clausen – Former Denver Outlaws

Youtube Video – Matt Bocklet – Captain of Denver Outlaws

Common theme is adversity and using communication to beat adversity.

Ken Clausen

Grew up in Philly. Started playing lacrosse and played for the University of Virginia and eventually the Denver Outlaws. Ken experienced significant adversity through ongoing injuries that prevented him from playing lacrosse. Ken decided he was going to find a way that he could be the best at what he does and what he realized is that he could control his communication skills. Communication is key in defense and it earned him a starting position as a freshman in college. Ken continued his communication role as a professional lacrosse and during his time while he was recovering from injury he learned more about lacrosse both offense and defense. The lesson as it applies to business is that you should learn the full scope of your business because it will have long term benefits over time.

Lacrosse Moustache Madness started his senior year in college. In the first year, 2009, it raised $32,000. Now known as Lax Stache Madness, this annual event has raised over $700,000 in eight years for the Headstrong Foundation.

Matt Bocklet

You can be one of the best players, but it doesn’t mean you’re ready to take on responsibility for the team.”

This was a learning moment for Matt. This was advice given to him by his college lacrosse coach and he never forgot it.

In 2016, Matt became the most tenured player for the Denver Outlaws. He was named Captain of the team and was facing a 2-6 season. The Denver Outlaws were on the verge of being eliminated from the playoffs. The team was too focused on what everyone else was doing and forgot about their own strengths and how to use those strengths in each game. The team wasn’t worried about what they needed to do. The team came together and started focusing on strengths of the defense and ended up winning every single game thereafter, going to the playoffs and winning the Championship. They ended the season with a 10-6.

Matt overcame adversity of a 2-6 season by keeping communication open with the rest of the team and working together.


LG7 Open House October 26, 2016 5:30-7:30 Tony’s Market 950 Broadway Denver, CO 80205