Leads Group 7 Minutes January 4, 2016

Leads Group 7 Minutes January 4, 2016


Guest of Jon. Ian Campbell. Mission Suite.

Guest of Patrick. Michelle Martinez. Humanscale. Ergonomic Office Furniture.

Guest of Nikki. Gustavo Prado. Centennial Bank. Banking Center Manager.


Presentation #1: Eric Horan 3 day Blinds

Eric has a degree in Interior Design. Learned that commercial design is much different than residential design. Enjoys residential design.

3 day blinds is a one stop shop. We are the manufacturer, retailer and installer.

Good Leads: Anyone with a home, anyone moving or anyone preparing for big life events.

Presentation #2: Kara Shropshire Tony’s Market

Kara works in the catering department for Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering. Tony’s partners with local farms. Proposals are tailored toward your personal need. There is always a pre-event walk through prior to event day.

Good Leads: Weddings, corporate events, administrative assistants

Marketing Minute

Marilyn Heywood Paige – Fig Advertising

When you network, you are showing your personal brand.

Personal Branding – “How do you want to be perceived by other? Starting now, consider how you’d like to be remembered when you leave a room.”


New leads link will be sent out today. Reports will be run next Monday. Put your leads online all the way back to September if necessary. The reports will be compared against the leads entered online.

Off week event is at the Landmark Comedy Works in Greenwood Village. Sign up required in order to reserve a ticket.

There is an event for a 21 day positivity page. If you want the link and/or are interested in participating please contact Marilyn.