In for the long haul

I was recently contacted by a prospect who was given my information in January 2018.  Mary Gallagher with MaryGallagherCPA had been out on a bike ride when she had began the conversation of financial planning with this particular individual.  Over a year and half went by before the prospect decided to pick up the phone and call me.

2018 was a drought year in my leads group career as I did not close a single piece of new business from the referrals I had received.  Some might say that perhaps I needed more sales training and others I have come across would suggest I go find something better to do with my time.  But after 16 years of membership in the leads group program, I can honestly say that neither of those two types of advice are worthy of consideration.

Longevity is the key to success in all endeavors that are worth it.  So to that all I can say is, “Keep coming back, it works if you work it”!