Two years ago I was an unknown business entity, with no contacts, trying to pedal a technology that in some peoples minds wasn't inherently necessary.  Fast forward to now, I'll be taking over as co leader of Leads Group 7 after just 9 months.  How did this Happen?  Was it luck, persistence, or a combination of the two?

     First of all, Leads group 7 is one of the most well established, and robust networking groups at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. LG7 has passed over 250 leads, closing approximately 7.5 million dollars in business for 2019.  It is a wonderful mix of seasoned veterans/mentors, combined with new members from an array of industries.   When I received an invitation to become a member of this group, it was a no brainer to join.

     In April of '18 I joined the chamber and had only moderate success with the networking events I was allowed to attend. However, at one of these events, I was lucky enough to meet Kim Johnson (LG7 alumni)  We hit it off, and she quickly determined that I had a lot to offer a leads group. Some of the attributes/skills that I have brought with me to the group

  • Positive Outlook
  • Having fun while getting work done
  • Easy to get along with
  • Recognizing strengths of individuals
  • Getting the most out of a team
  • Facilitating group agendas.

    LG7 has been very beneficial for me right out of the gate.  Of coarse I have received  leads, closed business, and made some money.  However LG7 has done way more than just that for me.  Some of the benefits for being in the group include

  • Experiences gained
  • Confidence boosted
  • Stronger network built
  • Engagement with colleagues on a weekly basis
  • Previous attributes fine tuned
  • Rising above personal short comings by implementing new skills

     As LG7 rolls into September I know there will be new challenges to overcome.  I'm thrilled to be co-leading with Norris Davis for the upcoming fiscal year. Also the entire LG7 leadership circle is amazing.  I know what ever situations may arise, they've got my back.

     If I'm not good at something right off the bat, just you wait.   The people that struggle at a task now, are usually really good at it as time passes.  Persistence and dedication pay off. Work hard to put yourself in a position to succeed, and be ready to pounce on a opportunity when it arises.  Luck or not.

     Occasionally luck happens, however this path I'm on has had nothing to do with luck.  If anything Third Eye Visuals has been dealt some unlucky cards.  But yet here I still am. I'm stronger, more dedicated, able to bounce back from disappointment, and equipped to handle constructive criticism while maintaining a positive outlook. My motto for 2020 is,

"Finding less things to be scared of through gaining more experiences"

LG7 I'm ready, are you?