Chuck McCoy

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Chuck McCoy

Land Specialist
Velur Enterprises, Inc
Land Banking

720-302-3557 Phone

[email protected]

3438 West Hayward Place Colorado Denver Colorado 80211


Chuck McCoy is a land specialist working with Velur, the premier land banking company in Southern California. They offer highly researched land in the path of development for sale to people who are looking to diversify their retirement/investment portfolio with real estate. Land can be put into a self-directed IRA or 401K. 1031 real estate exchanges can also be used. Pre-developed land is an easier real estate investment to hold onto versus other types, such as rental properties that have the headaches of tenants, toilets and troubles. Chuck would be glad to schedule a time to meet, have coffee and talk dirt.

Chuck and his wife, Vicki came to Velur as clients, looking to diversify and prepare for Vicki’s retirement. Little did they know how dirt can get under your fingernails. Together they own 595,405 square feet of land in California. Vicki is a massage therapist with her own office in Arvada. Chuck worked for years as the graphic designer at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. He’s always been an artist and can show you the encyclopedia books he scribbled in when he was two. He can also invite you to his shows at various galleries and art centers in the area. And just as important, they have an ultra-cool pop-up trailer and go places in Colorado where Vicki always casts fishing lines better than Chuck.