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Jeff Donovan

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Long, long time ago ……. Don McClean

I had made the switch from working in the restaurant business to a temp job in Corporate America. I knew I wouldn’t be making much money to start and with the Holiday season around the corner I need some extra cash. I must have applied to 10 different places to wait tables and nobody called me back. My friend Rod sensing my desperate situation suggested that I call some mobile Dj Companies for work. I did, I got hired on and away I went.

I had worked in a bar as a DJ a few years earlier and felt I could step right in. Step into it I did, and my first event was awful. I asked a guy with a wooden leg to start the dancing off, couldn’t find a song that anyone wanted to dance to for the first hour. I wanted to die! But toward the end of the night I finally hit a groove and it ended ok. The next night I did a wedding and it went great. From that weekend I decided this is what I wanted to do.

Since that weekend back in December of 1997, I’ve worked all over Colorado and have done thousands of events of all types. This has been my dream job and my passion for all these years. Since I was a child growing up in Denver, I wanted to be a DJ and I mixed that desire with a keen sense of music knowledge and superior customer service skills I haven’t looked back.

I had been moonlighting on the weekends as a Mobile DJ and within the past 4 years I’ve turned this into a full-time operation. Now I’m some what of an expert in this field a hold regular seminar to help educate Brides & Grooms and Clients of all types to help with their musical menu

As the Grateful Dead say, “What a long strange trip it’s been”. The memories, the stories the people that you meet have been great fun. It makes every weekend an adventure and that’s why I love what I do and what I do is fun.


Jeff Donovan