Leads Group 7 Policies and Responsibilities

The following policies and procedures are in effect for members and guests of Denver Leads Group 7:

Leads Generation:

1. Leads generation is the sole purpose of leads groups. Therefore it is important that members understand what is expected of them. Each member of the leads group is expected to bring at least one lead to each meeting. The more involved your are in giving leads, the more likely you will be to receive leads from other members.

2. All leads should be Warm to Hot. This means that the contact is either expecting your call or legitimately needs your service or product. Cold leads are certainly accepted, but not encouraged.

3. Leads passed to other members need to be tracked in the leads tracking spreadsheet provided. Upon joining the group, a member should be registered on this website within two weeks.  Our new member orientation chair will help you get registered on the site.

Member Responsibilities:

1. Meetings begin at 11:00 a.m. with informal networking. Thirty second commercials start at 11:15 a.m., followed by a 10 minute member presentation.  We then take time to pass leads with others in the group.  After that we will have another 10 minute member presentation. We end our meetings with upcoming events and announcements. The meeting ends at 12:30 p.m.

2. Presentation slots are reserved by the Presentation Chairperson. Presentations are scheduled for the first two meetings of each month and can be scheduled as far in advance as needed. We make an attempt to cycle through the entire group before we repeat presenters.

3. Please make it a point to visit our web site www.LeadsGroup7.com at least once a week. This is a good place to direct prospective new members as well as leads.

4. It is every member’s responsibility to help grow the group by inviting prospective members. Please make it a point to invite a guest at least once each quarter.

5. Annual leads group dues must be paid not later than the end of September each year or you are automatically dropped from the group and must go through the waitlist process again.


1. Guests may visit the group two (2) times. After the second visit they must join the group to continue attending.

2. In order to join, you (or your company) must pay the annual leads group fee at the time of joining and pay your renewal fee before the end of September each year.


1. Attendance is critical for getting and receiving leads. Therefore, the following attendance policy is in effect:

  • You are allowed no more than two (2) unreported absences each quarter. This is not in addition to reported absence.
  • Inclement weather is automatically a reported absence if you confirm that as the reason for your absence.
  • You are allowed no more than three (3) reported absences each quarter. In order for an absence to be considered reported, you must notify [email protected] prior to the end of the meeting day. This is not in addition to unreported absences.
  • After your first unreported or second reported absence you will be contacted to discuss the situation.
  • Once you have reached the allowed number of absences (2 unreported or 3 reported), you will be issued a warning. If you do not improve your attendance to meet the requirements of this policy, you will be dropped from the group. You may petition the group for reinstatement, and reinstatement is at the discretion of the group. If you are reinstated and then miss another meeting that quarter, you will be permanently dropped from the group.

2. If you arrive at the meeting after the start, that will count as a “Late” or 1/2 of a reported absence (unless weather-related). You also lose your right to present your 30 second commercial and to do your presentation if it is your turn to do so. If you leave before the presentation is done, this also counts as 1/2 of a reported absence.

Effective 5/3/2023